Units Commercial 03

Sixty five square metres, double entrance and outer shop-window. A smaller commercial unit of extraordinary visibility in the very heart of the historical centre.

Units Commercial 03
Categ. commercial
Mq 65,5
Floor Ground floor
Avail. rented
Entrance number 2 ( 1 outer)
Exposure South East
Agreement type 5+5
Water yes

Unit 3 available for rental in the LGM in the very heart of the historical centre of Neuchatel is a commercial unit composed of an area of 65.5 sq.mt. , double entrance, an outer shop-window and water connection.

The reduced dimensions of this unit makes it ideal for those who need a smaller area and a maximum containment  of costs. The double entrance, one in the commercial centre and one facing the road complete with an outer shop window, offers maximum visibility for both the visitors of LGM as well as the passers-by in the historical centre.

The water connection allows  the creation of washrooms  for the staff or the use of the water for any other use of the water for commercial purposes.

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