Luciano Ventrone

Les Galeries Marval Antique & Contemporary Art has the pleasure to host Luciano Ventrone from October 21st. It would not be excessive to say that he is the most famous hyper-realist painter in the world, already named "the Caravaggio of the twentieth century" by Federico Zeri, who discovered him. It is true to say that even after a number of years the feeling of amazement I get when standing in front of one of Luciano Ventrone's paintings has not diminished. The eye is deceived by the perfection of the faithful reproduction and this deception creates amazement and a need for knowledge. The technique he uses is astonishing and inimitable, allowing him to actually exceed reality and position himself in the field of hyper-reality. But when you speak to the painter himself, on closer inspection and following the very thought of the Master, it becomes clear that the genre towards which he tends is abstractism, since in fact the most complex and painstaking work is on colour rather than form, which, albeit impressive in itself, is secondary to the results achieved with colour. 

The ultimate goal of Ventrone is not the object itself but the light and colour that it generates. Preferred subjects are fruits and leaves often arranged inside baskets or cups in oriental style, on a background that is always neutral, always grey or black, so as to exclude any type of spatial suggestion and almost forcing the audience to concentrate their gaze only on the centre of the composition, occupied by elements of admirable perfection, which challenge nature itself with their beauty. Luciano Ventrone employs sophisticated and refined art techniques to create his paintings, using methods and procedures borrowed from painters of the past, such as plastering the canvas and using oil-paint as the glaze. "The fruit of Ventrone," says Sgarbi, "is made to promise flavours that it cannot satisfy, to attract our senses and lead them to the extravagant perception of the hypernatural". Its greatness lies in the almost obsessive search for perfection and beauty.


From 20 October 2017 to 28 February 2018.