Giandomenico Tiepolo

Giandomenico was born in Venice on August 30, 1727. He was the son of Giambattista Tiepolo, as well as the younger brother Lorenzo, nephew of Francesco Guardi and Gianantonio Guardi, being the mother of Giandomenico, Maria Cecilia Guardi, sister of the two landscape painters. His father, a well-known painter, was descended from a modest family, unrelated to the wealthy Venetian Tiepolo nobility.

The subject refers to an engraving that forms part of a collection entitled "Raccolta di Teste (Collection of Heads)" The idea of recording a collection of "character" heads finds its inspiration in Giandomenico, who wanted to pay homage and emulate the two-hundred series of Heads engraved by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, the Genoese artist and scientist, who was an innovator in the field of engraving who was particularly admired by Tiepolo. Giandomenico began to engrave the initial core of twenty-seven heads between 1757 and 1762. Later, after the death of his father (1770) on his return from Spain, he resumed the theme of oriental faces and expanded his collection, from which the Catalogue features sixty etchings. Amongst the Heads there is also his own self-portrait and a portrait of his father Giambattista, collected by Teodoro Correr, along with the counter-part prints, obtained by using the sheets with the ink still wet as a matrix. In this type of print, the image looks exactly like the one engraved on the plate, which facilitates its reading. 
Etching and engraving 170 x 122 mm

Permanent exhibition