Titti Garelli

Titti Garelli was born in Turin. Her art revives the Gothic feel of pre-Renaissance Italian art and reintroduces ancient cultural dialogues through the splendour and opulence of the European royal courts. Garelli spent some time at the "court" of Sergio Saroni, where she expertly pursued perfection and the performance and rendering of evocative detail. She graduated in scenography from the Accademia Albertina and became fascinated by the new messengers of unconscious desires and the egalitarian aspirations of modern society: illustrated advertising – antechamber and arousal for the collective imagination, and at the same time a living and essential witness of an evolving civilisation. Although she had observed masters such as Leonetto Cappiello, Fortunato Depero and Marcello Dudovich at work, she soon fell in love with Victorian images of the golden age of illustration, especially when she encountered Hilary Bradford, an English agent for illustrators and photographers. This revelation fascinated her, so much so that in the eighties, many famous industrial brands put their faith entirely in her. And so, she decided to go into advertising and worked on memorable campaigns with major international agencies ("Mulino Bianco, Findus, Chicco, Invicta"). Specialising in the representation of children and natural scenes, she decided to produce a series of works independently of any client, and exhibited these works for the first time in 1986 at the gallery Nuages of Cristina Taverna, a pioneer in bringing illustration into the galleries. Her work as an independent artist is divided into cycles, such as the Bad Girls, which she exhibited in New York in 2000 (Wiliamsbourg and Soho), Around the world with Eighty Girls and The Gothic Queens: tired of hearing the word "gothic" in murky and disturbing associations, Titti Garelli wanted to return the term to its origins, when international gothic meant highly-refined painting, appreciated in the main centres of European culture and pursued in Italy by the likes of Gentile da Fabriano and Carlo Crivelli.

More recently, Titti Garelli participated in "Praline d'Arte", a large group exhibition by Sergio Mandelli in the Casa Museo Spazio Tadini in Milan, together with 50 renowned and commercially successful artists such as Emilio Tadini, Emilio Isgrò, Tommaso Cascella and Omar Ronda. Thus, her art becomes a product of immediate contemporary art, making use of the internet to communicate with an international audience in an effective, immediate synthesis.

Exhibition 08/03/2019 -08/09/2019