Shopping and food is the winning combination that characterizes immediately Les Galeries Marval: a way to live the unique and modern restaurant in the heart of Neuchâtel.

A charming Wine Bar inside the mall is the first step of Les Galeries Marval towards a pleasant and intense way of shopping in Neuchâtel.

The restaurant at the service of stores inside Les Galeries de Marval

Open from breakfast to dinner, with a refined table service and a varied menu to meet the needs of visitors at all times of the day, the RESTAURANT-WINE BAR Les Galeries de Marval is the first ingredient of a unique recipe that will transform a shopping mall in a meeting place where people can combine shopping and high quality restaurants. 

A unique place attracting new clients

The Restaurant-Wine Bar inside Les Galeries de Marval is designed to accommodate customers of the shops in the mall for a quick snack or for a comfortable meal at the table. But its modern formula makes it an indipendent attraction.

An absolute novelty for Les Galeries Marval and Neuchâtel, creating an innovative concept of restaurant: elegant and affordable, healthy and tasty, global but attentive to particular needs. 

One more reason to choose Les Galeries Marval

Thanks to the Wine Bar first and SPA later, Les Galeries Marval from a simple shopping center, will evolve rapidly in an exclusive meeting place for residents, irresistible attraction for tourists and fun for the student population: for Italians businessmen an unmissable opportunity of expansion in a shopping center full of life, services and opportunities.

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